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Insurance Defense/Torts

The Insurance Defense/Torts Substantive Law Committee is comprised of SCDTAA members who primarily and routinely represent and counsel insurance company clients, to include policy insureds, in a variety of first and third party contexts. Given the prominent, pervasive role insurance plays in most facets of today's society, the committee's scope is broad by design and will periodically coincide with goals and efforts of other SCDTAA substantive law committees. Committee members routinely handle cases ranging from automobile liability to premises liability to products liability to declaratory judgments involving insurance coverage issues.

The Insurance Defense/Torts Substantive Law Committee's fundamental objective is to keep its membership timely and efficiently informed about significant issues germane to the handling of insurance claims and cases, both from a liability standpoint as well as a coverage standpoint. Committee members are encouraged and expected to participate actively in committee events, and members are routinely afforded the opportunity to do so by participating in breakout sessions at the Joint and Annual Meetings, writing for The DefenseLine and contributing to a blog on the Association's website.

SCDTAA Historical Facts

The South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association was formally organized on November 14, 1968. Six attorneys attended the initial meeting and by December 8, 1968, the organization had grown to 75 members. Since that time, the SCDTAA has grown to 750 members who practice in multiple areas of Civil Defense Litigation.