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Robert W. Hemphill Award


1.     Eligibility
  • (a)   The candidate must be a member of the South Carolina Bar and a member or former member of the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association.  He or she may be in active practice, retired from active practice or a member of the judiciary.
  • (b)   The current officers and members of the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association Board of Directors at the time the award is made are not eligible.
2.     Criteria/Basis for Selection
  • (a)   The award should be based upon distinguished and meritorious service to the legal profession and/or the public, and to one who has been instrumental in developing, implementing and carrying through the objectives of the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association.  The candidate should also be one who is or has been an active, contributing member of the Association.
  • (b)   The distinguished service for which the candidate is considered may consist either of particular conduct or service over a period of time.
  • (c)   The candidate may be honored for recent conduct or for service in the past.
3.     Procedure
  • (a)   Nominations for the award should be made by letter, with any supporting documentation and explanations attached.  A nomination should include the name and address of the individual, a description of his or her activities in the Association, the profession and the community and the reasons why the nominee is being put forward.  Nominations should be directed to the President of the Association prior to the Summer Meeting each year.
  • (b)   The Hemphill Award Committee shall screen the nominees and submit its recommendation to the Board of Directors of the Association at its Summer Meeting of the Association.  The Hemphill Award Committee shall be comprised of the five (5) officers of the Association, and chaired by the immediate Past President. 
  • (c)   The Hemphill Award shall be made in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, when that Board deems an award appropriate, but not more frequently than annually.
4.     Form of Award
  • (a)   The recipient shall receive an appropriately engraved plaque commemorating the award at the Annual Meeting.
  • (b)   The family of the late beloved Robert W. Hemphill, in the person of Harriet Hemphill Crowder of Mt. Pleasant, has consented to having the award named for the late United States District Judge, Robert W. Hemphill. When possible, the Association shall have a member of the Hemphill family present whenever this award is presented. 


Past Award Recipients

Samuel Outten    2023

John S. Wilkerson    2018

W. Hugh McAngus 2014

Robert S. Hood, Sr. 2013

William A. Coates     2012

H. Mills Gallivan      2010

Stephen G. Morrison     2007

William S. Davies, Jr.     2005

Mark H. Wall     2003

Saunders M. Bridges, Sr.     2000

Mark W. Buyck, Jr.    1997

Carl B. Epps    1996

B. Allston Moore, Jr.    1994

R. Bruce Shaw    1993

G. Dewey Oxner    1991

Jackson L. Barwick    1990

Ed W. Mullins    1989

Harold W. Jacobs    1988